Sunday, 29 April 2012

5 weeks!

Not long to go now. In 5 weeks I'll be flying from Manchester to the sunshine state.

It seems to have gone so quickly, I remember finding out like it was just yesterday and setting my countdown app off.

So far i've met some really nice people and hopefully meet even more out in Florida.

Also can't believe some people are going out there in 1 weeks time. Unreal!

I'm slowly getting what i'm taking put together. Decided to buy a duvet and pillow to take out there. Only cost about a fiver for them both from Ikea.

I also need more shorts, flowery ones hopefully. I love my flowery shorts!

Have a magical day guys, and if I don't blog between now and next week. Good luck to the ICPers going out next Sunday! :)

Friday, 20 April 2012

Update about..


Thats right.. Not much is happening on the ICP front with everything basically sorted bar actually getting to Manchester for my flight.

Cricket season starts this week which means a lot of my time will be spent down at the club playing and coaching, which will hopefully speed up the next 44 days.

As of now I have 3 assignments left and university and then I am free to get even more hyped for Disney :D

However, after these 3 assignments i've officially left university and most likely education forever, which is extremely daunting! But at least I have this summer to look forward to before the job searching begins, and who knows, I may apply for the Cultural Representative Program to go and spend a year working in Disney World.

I'll leave you all with this video of Illuminations from Epcot

Have a magical day guys :)

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Starlight Starbright

Words any Disney fan would know!

Also the opening words to Wishes in the Magic Kingdom.

Not much has happened on the ICP front, all my documents are here and all sorted out nicely. Its just a case of waiting till the 4th June to fly out there. Which is now 50 days away. :D

But anyway, one thing I can't wait to do is watch Wishes. It's basically what Disney is all about, and will be such an awesome way to start the program- Standing on Main Street, looking at Cinderellas Castle as the sky lights up.

Only about 53/54 days till I can enjoy that :)

I realise there was no point to this blog post. Just a little bit of random musing. I may start the 30 day challenge that i've seen a few people do.

Have a magical day guys :)

Friday, 6 April 2012

Serving Ice Cream From Inside a Dinosaur

Yes the title of this post may seem a little strange, but after narrowing a shortlist of where i'd like to work to 5. I realised how awesome that would actually be!

So on Wednesday I emailed Becky at Yummy Jobs with 5 location requests where i'd like to work. To be honest I know i'll be happy anywhere, but these 5 places are probably the top 5 i'd like to work in.

It was hard work narrowing down to 5, and even after requesting I find theres more and more places I would love to work in.

But the 5 I requested were:

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe

One of my favourite places to eat in the Magic Kingdom, and was at one point the largest Fast Food restaurant in the world! It still is the largest in Disney World I believe, which means it will be incredibly busy. But the main "star" of this restaurant is Sonny Eclipse, the loveable alien who sings a medley of songs to entertain the guests.

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe

The Main Street Bakery

Walking up Main Street USA just after the park has opened, taking in the smells of freshly baked goodies as you walk, can only mean one thing... You're walking past The Main Street Bakery. Such a lovely place to sit in and have breakfast or a snack, and the smells are incredible!

Main Street Bakery

The Electric Umbrella Restaurant

I love Epcot, and the music around Innoventions area which just happens to be where this location is. It is a pretty large restaurant, and one of only 2 that I think ICP's can work in in Epcot on QSFB.

Electric Umbrella

Dinosaur Gertie's Ice Cream of Extinction

This is where the title of this blog has come from. At first I never even though about it until one of my friends suggested I put it down. What could be more amazing that coming to work inside a Dinosaur and serving Ice Cream to people, while listening to the showbiz soundtracks of Disney's Hollywood Studios!?

Dinosaur Gertie's Ice Cream of Extinction

Toy Story Pizza Planet

Combining two of my favourite Disney things. Toy Story and Walt Disney World. Based a little bit on Pizza Planet from the Toy Story film, it even has an arcade on the bottom floor. It's the only one out of the five I requested that i've never actually had a meal in, so working in there could be a new experience for me.

Toy Story Pizza Planet

Have a magical day :)

The Postman Brings Nice Things!

Well not really the postman, a lady in a car knocked on the door on Tuesday with a special package for me!

My passport with a US Visa inside!

Basically that's everything sorted now before my arrival in Walt Disney World, just go to sort out my dollar and what i'm taking with me.

Its just over a month will the first group of people go out, which is incredibly excited for them all. It seems to be coming round so fast!

In 59 days i'll be leaving England for a nice long summer in the most Magical Place on Earth.

Have a magical day :)

Friday, 30 March 2012

Viva la Visa

So on Wednesday I had my visa appointment down in London at the US Embassy.

I went down a day earlier with my mum and stayed overnight in a hotel just 2 stops on the tube away from the embassy.

The first night we went to see Wicked, which was AMAZING! I'd already seen it a few years ago but my mum hadn't. I think she liked it (:

So appointment day came, and I was feeling extremely nervous! What if they didn't believe I was coming home? Or they just generally didn't want to give me a visa!

I got to the embassy about 10:15, didn't realise it would only take 10 minutes on the tube, after dropping my phone into the pharmacy up the road. They must make a small fortune from all the people leaving their phones and items there!

I got into the embassy about 10:45 and the first thing I noticed was the incredible heat in there. It was HOT! It felt like being in America, just not as fun or entertaining. I waited around 15-20 minutes until I was called up to the first window to hand over my documents, I thought I was flying along and would be out in an hour. Yeah that didn't happen.

At 11:30 some other Disney peoples came into the embassy. I went over and sat with them a little bit later (Hi Laura, Beckie, Rachel, Bee, Justine and Amy!). After another 2.5 hours of waiting my number was finally called. I felt like i'd won the lottery when really i'd won the chance to speak to an American lady about my visa (same thing right?). The American lady was lovely and just asked if I was working in Disney and what as. And then told me that my visa had been approved. So off I went to pay to have my passport and visa sent back to me. (Goodbye £14.80) and left the embassy, just as my mum was coming round the corner. Good timing eh?

We moved into the Hard Rock Cafe where for a change (not really) I had the Legendary Burger, it was sososososososososo nice!

We wandered around for a bit and then went for the train back to Newcastle.

So visa is now sorted and should be here next week, and after that there is nothing left to do apart from buy clothes clothes and more clothes! :D

Have a magical day :)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Program Information Time

So most of you reading this will probably know what the International College Program is, however there might be some of you who don't. This post will reveal all.

The International College Program gives students from around the world to work at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. This program is a 3 month long program where us students can work in various roles in Walt Disney World including, but not limited to, working on the attractions, in the restaurants, or in the Water Parks. Sounds fun right?

To apply for this program you have to be a student at university and over 18 when you arrive in the World. Yummy Jobs are the lovely people that Disney use over here in the UK to help with the recruitment process. The process involves submitting an application on their website, a group or telephone interview with Yummy Jobs and then finally an interview with a Disney recruiter. I say Interview its more like a fun exciting chat about Disney!

One thing to note, although you're getting paid, its not cheap to get out there. So far i've paid for my flights, CRB check, a program assessment fee which goes towards my housing and housing events, my Visa application fee, a student tracking fee and my transport down to London. Must have spent at least £700 so be warned its not cheap! 

Not trying to scare or put anyone reading this off, it really is an amazing opportunity that I have, and I can't wait to head out there! (68 days).

Have a magical day :)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Soarin' Flying!

Not quite yet. 69 days and I will be soaring and flying!

I fly out on the 4th June, a day earlier than our checkin date. There's 5 of us on the flight from Manchester to Atlanta. Hi Scott, Laura, Sarah and Michael! and then when we fly from Atlanta to Orlando we're joined by more people, I have actually lost count of how many of us there are arriving the day before in Orlando, so.. Hi Everybody!

We're staying just round the corner from Vista Way checkin which is a good thing. We've also taken advantage of being a Cast Member and getting discount on the hotel which means its only about $30 per person for the night. Starting as we mean to go on with our discount!

Have a magical day guys :)

Fantasmical Form Filling In!

Also known as totally, completely boring form filling in. However it is necessary so it's all good. And it gets me one step closer to Disney.

So as of now, I have my CRB check back, its always nice to find out I have no convictions or that someone has used my name when they've been arrested!

I've also got all of my Visa documents completed, which is handy as i'm there tomorrow (eek!). And I have all my Disney documentation printed and ready to sort out when I come back.

And i've also managed to make an incredibly boring subject even more boring!

Have a magical day :)

The Most Magical Email of Them All

Writing this while on the train to London, so you can guess what this magical email was all about!

So after 3 weeks of waiting and waiting for my email, I noticed a few posts on the WDWIP forums saying people had began receiving their emails and that they had been accepted on the program. Instantly I though I hadn't made it again so went downstairs to get some food before work.

Came back upstairs to my phone beeping saying I had a new email from Becky at Yummy Jobs, I opened it and had a quick scan looking for the most important part. The start of the email sounded like a polite rejection but I kept reading until there it was, in big red and blue text:


You have been offered a place on Disney’s Summer Work Experience for 2012.
Your role in the show will be in Quick Service Food and Beverage.
Your Summer Work Experience with Disney will commence on 5th June 2012 and conclude on 17th August 2012."
Needless to say I was extremely happy and excited, I ran straight downstairs to tell the parents who, I think, we equally excited as me. I won't lie, this was probably one of the best emails I have ever received, not that I receive many generally exciting emails but still.

So that was my journey to get on the ICP, now to the fun stuff. 

Thats right you guessed it...

Filling in Forms!

Have a magical day guys :)

Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Second Most Magical Email of Them All

So Halloween came and went on Monday 31st October, I was disappointed I hadn't heard anything back. However on the 1st November while leaving Uni my phone went off with an email. I saw it was from Yummy Jobs so quickly opened it and read through it.

I had passed the first stage and was invited to the final interview with Disney. They were coming to my uni as well so I didn't have to travel! 8th November was the date which gave me a week to sort out all the documents I needed. A bit pushed for time, but it was Disney so worth it!

So the 8th came around, and I had to be at uni for 9am. Way to early for a typical Uni Student! Got a lift in off my dad and went into the business school, extremely nervous at this point. Had to go to the 4th floor so I went up with another girl from Newcastle Uni, Hi Laura!, and stood around with everyone while we waited to be let into the lecture room.

We eventually got into the lecture room and another girl sat next to me for this presentation, Hi Beckie!, The presentation was done by Jill mainly who was brilliant and just so so happy, and Mike who was head of Merchandise at Downtown Disney. The presentation was a little like the Yummy Jobs one, but had a few more bits on information in them.

After the presentation our interview times were read out by Nick and mine was at 1:30 which was a good 3 hours later. I was interviewing with a girl called Abigail (Hi) who was also in the previous group interview.

I decided to go home as I only lived 15 minutes away from Uni. Interview time came around and I showed Nick all my documents that I needed, and had a little chat with him while he was looking through them all. Before the interview I stood talking to Abigail for a while before we were called in by Mike. The interview was again a lot like the Yummy Jobs one and more of a formal chat, the same questions were asked. I really enjoyed the interview, as strange as that sounds, as I got to ask Mike what was happening with the Pleasure Island part of Downtown Disney. We were told we'd find out by the end of the month, so the wait was on!

Have a magical day :)

How Did I Get Here

So after sending my application off in September I waited, and waited and waited a little bit more for an email from Yummy Jobs.

So on the 29th September I got an Email from Nick at Yummy Jobs inviting me to a Yummy Jobs presentation and interview at Northumbria University on the 20th October. Luckily this was one of my days off at Uni so I didn't even need to miss anything.

The 20th October came around and I made my way to Uni to where I was told the presentation would be held. I got there about 9:45, 15 minutes early and no one was there! I waited a bit longer and still no one, so I rang the placements office, who Yummy Jobs had organised this with, and got told I should be at the other side of the Campus! I made it to the new location just after 10, but the presentation hadn't started yet, panic over.

Nick and Jason from Yummy Jobs were the "Presentation Master of Ceremonies" with a short presentation about The Walt Disney World Resort, working there, living there and just living in Florida in general. It was a really informative presentation and I won a Disney Princess chocolate lolly for answering a question correctly (Name one of the new Disney Cruise Lines).

I'm definitely rambling on now so i'll shorten the next part down.

After the presentation we got given interview times, and mine was about an hour later. So I popped for some lunch and did a little uni work which I should have done a few days earlier! We were interviewed in groups of 10 and there were a few stood outside when I arrived a little early. I was really nervous for this, knowing that i'm up against 9 other people. However it was all good, everyone was really nice and gave good answers to Nick and Jason. It wasn't like an interview, but more like a little chat with some Disney people :D.

Anyway we were told we would find out if we'd made it through the final interviews by Halloween.

Thats this post done, apologies for the sheer length of it.

Have a magical day :)

A Little Bit About Me

So I mayswell start this blog with a little bit about me.

I'm a final year student at Northumbria Uni and I'm studying Applied Computing. I also play and coach cricket.

I'm a mahoosive Disney fan and I love all things Disney! As i'm writing this I have Disney music on in the background!

I found out about the program last time I was in Florida, I got speaking to a few Cast Members in the UK pavilion in Epcot and they told me all about Yummy Jobs and how to apply.

As soon as I got home I sent my application off for last summer. I got to the final interview but didn't get past that stage. I'll admit I was crushed, but as soon as applications opened for this summer I was determined I was going to the most magical place on earth!

Have a magical day :)

The Start of Something New

Hi guys!

I've never, ever written a blog in my life, but i've now decided to, to detail my experience in Florida this summer on the International College Program.

Hopefully i'll update this as much as possible, but I have the memory of a sieve so I can't promise anything.

Hope you all like this/don't get bored!

Have a magical day :)