Sunday, 25 March 2012

How Did I Get Here

So after sending my application off in September I waited, and waited and waited a little bit more for an email from Yummy Jobs.

So on the 29th September I got an Email from Nick at Yummy Jobs inviting me to a Yummy Jobs presentation and interview at Northumbria University on the 20th October. Luckily this was one of my days off at Uni so I didn't even need to miss anything.

The 20th October came around and I made my way to Uni to where I was told the presentation would be held. I got there about 9:45, 15 minutes early and no one was there! I waited a bit longer and still no one, so I rang the placements office, who Yummy Jobs had organised this with, and got told I should be at the other side of the Campus! I made it to the new location just after 10, but the presentation hadn't started yet, panic over.

Nick and Jason from Yummy Jobs were the "Presentation Master of Ceremonies" with a short presentation about The Walt Disney World Resort, working there, living there and just living in Florida in general. It was a really informative presentation and I won a Disney Princess chocolate lolly for answering a question correctly (Name one of the new Disney Cruise Lines).

I'm definitely rambling on now so i'll shorten the next part down.

After the presentation we got given interview times, and mine was about an hour later. So I popped for some lunch and did a little uni work which I should have done a few days earlier! We were interviewed in groups of 10 and there were a few stood outside when I arrived a little early. I was really nervous for this, knowing that i'm up against 9 other people. However it was all good, everyone was really nice and gave good answers to Nick and Jason. It wasn't like an interview, but more like a little chat with some Disney people :D.

Anyway we were told we would find out if we'd made it through the final interviews by Halloween.

Thats this post done, apologies for the sheer length of it.

Have a magical day :)

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