Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Program Information Time

So most of you reading this will probably know what the International College Program is, however there might be some of you who don't. This post will reveal all.

The International College Program gives students from around the world to work at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. This program is a 3 month long program where us students can work in various roles in Walt Disney World including, but not limited to, working on the attractions, in the restaurants, or in the Water Parks. Sounds fun right?

To apply for this program you have to be a student at university and over 18 when you arrive in the World. Yummy Jobs are the lovely people that Disney use over here in the UK to help with the recruitment process. The process involves submitting an application on their website, a group or telephone interview with Yummy Jobs and then finally an interview with a Disney recruiter. I say Interview its more like a fun exciting chat about Disney!

One thing to note, although you're getting paid, its not cheap to get out there. So far i've paid for my flights, CRB check, a program assessment fee which goes towards my housing and housing events, my Visa application fee, a student tracking fee and my transport down to London. Must have spent at least £700 so be warned its not cheap! 

Not trying to scare or put anyone reading this off, it really is an amazing opportunity that I have, and I can't wait to head out there! (68 days).

Have a magical day :)

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