Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Second Most Magical Email of Them All

So Halloween came and went on Monday 31st October, I was disappointed I hadn't heard anything back. However on the 1st November while leaving Uni my phone went off with an email. I saw it was from Yummy Jobs so quickly opened it and read through it.

I had passed the first stage and was invited to the final interview with Disney. They were coming to my uni as well so I didn't have to travel! 8th November was the date which gave me a week to sort out all the documents I needed. A bit pushed for time, but it was Disney so worth it!

So the 8th came around, and I had to be at uni for 9am. Way to early for a typical Uni Student! Got a lift in off my dad and went into the business school, extremely nervous at this point. Had to go to the 4th floor so I went up with another girl from Newcastle Uni, Hi Laura!, and stood around with everyone while we waited to be let into the lecture room.

We eventually got into the lecture room and another girl sat next to me for this presentation, Hi Beckie!, The presentation was done by Jill mainly who was brilliant and just so so happy, and Mike who was head of Merchandise at Downtown Disney. The presentation was a little like the Yummy Jobs one, but had a few more bits on information in them.

After the presentation our interview times were read out by Nick and mine was at 1:30 which was a good 3 hours later. I was interviewing with a girl called Abigail (Hi) who was also in the previous group interview.

I decided to go home as I only lived 15 minutes away from Uni. Interview time came around and I showed Nick all my documents that I needed, and had a little chat with him while he was looking through them all. Before the interview I stood talking to Abigail for a while before we were called in by Mike. The interview was again a lot like the Yummy Jobs one and more of a formal chat, the same questions were asked. I really enjoyed the interview, as strange as that sounds, as I got to ask Mike what was happening with the Pleasure Island part of Downtown Disney. We were told we'd find out by the end of the month, so the wait was on!

Have a magical day :)

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