Friday, 30 March 2012

Viva la Visa

So on Wednesday I had my visa appointment down in London at the US Embassy.

I went down a day earlier with my mum and stayed overnight in a hotel just 2 stops on the tube away from the embassy.

The first night we went to see Wicked, which was AMAZING! I'd already seen it a few years ago but my mum hadn't. I think she liked it (:

So appointment day came, and I was feeling extremely nervous! What if they didn't believe I was coming home? Or they just generally didn't want to give me a visa!

I got to the embassy about 10:15, didn't realise it would only take 10 minutes on the tube, after dropping my phone into the pharmacy up the road. They must make a small fortune from all the people leaving their phones and items there!

I got into the embassy about 10:45 and the first thing I noticed was the incredible heat in there. It was HOT! It felt like being in America, just not as fun or entertaining. I waited around 15-20 minutes until I was called up to the first window to hand over my documents, I thought I was flying along and would be out in an hour. Yeah that didn't happen.

At 11:30 some other Disney peoples came into the embassy. I went over and sat with them a little bit later (Hi Laura, Beckie, Rachel, Bee, Justine and Amy!). After another 2.5 hours of waiting my number was finally called. I felt like i'd won the lottery when really i'd won the chance to speak to an American lady about my visa (same thing right?). The American lady was lovely and just asked if I was working in Disney and what as. And then told me that my visa had been approved. So off I went to pay to have my passport and visa sent back to me. (Goodbye £14.80) and left the embassy, just as my mum was coming round the corner. Good timing eh?

We moved into the Hard Rock Cafe where for a change (not really) I had the Legendary Burger, it was sososososososososo nice!

We wandered around for a bit and then went for the train back to Newcastle.

So visa is now sorted and should be here next week, and after that there is nothing left to do apart from buy clothes clothes and more clothes! :D

Have a magical day :)

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