Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Most Magical Email of Them All

Writing this while on the train to London, so you can guess what this magical email was all about!

So after 3 weeks of waiting and waiting for my email, I noticed a few posts on the WDWIP forums saying people had began receiving their emails and that they had been accepted on the program. Instantly I though I hadn't made it again so went downstairs to get some food before work.

Came back upstairs to my phone beeping saying I had a new email from Becky at Yummy Jobs, I opened it and had a quick scan looking for the most important part. The start of the email sounded like a polite rejection but I kept reading until there it was, in big red and blue text:


You have been offered a place on Disney’s Summer Work Experience for 2012.
Your role in the show will be in Quick Service Food and Beverage.
Your Summer Work Experience with Disney will commence on 5th June 2012 and conclude on 17th August 2012."
Needless to say I was extremely happy and excited, I ran straight downstairs to tell the parents who, I think, we equally excited as me. I won't lie, this was probably one of the best emails I have ever received, not that I receive many generally exciting emails but still.

So that was my journey to get on the ICP, now to the fun stuff. 

Thats right you guessed it...

Filling in Forms!

Have a magical day guys :)

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