Saturday, 14 April 2012

Starlight Starbright

Words any Disney fan would know!

Also the opening words to Wishes in the Magic Kingdom.

Not much has happened on the ICP front, all my documents are here and all sorted out nicely. Its just a case of waiting till the 4th June to fly out there. Which is now 50 days away. :D

But anyway, one thing I can't wait to do is watch Wishes. It's basically what Disney is all about, and will be such an awesome way to start the program- Standing on Main Street, looking at Cinderellas Castle as the sky lights up.

Only about 53/54 days till I can enjoy that :)

I realise there was no point to this blog post. Just a little bit of random musing. I may start the 30 day challenge that i've seen a few people do.

Have a magical day guys :)

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